In the center of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Montenegro sprawls across the coast of the Adriatic Sea and southwest of the Balkan Peninsula. Only a two-hour flight from Paris, Montenegro is an ideal location to host a corporate getaway. Preserved natural beauty and deep cultural identity are what Montenegro has to offer. The multitude of influences from surrounding countries as created a truly unique place to visit and to unite with your best clients to engage in an incentive program.

Day 1: Arrive at Podgorcia and travel by tractor to the Sipcanik wine cellar for lunch and interactive learning about the creation of this unique wine. Return to the city to enjoy dinner at the esteemed Astoria Budva restaurant.

Day 2: Go on a quad adventure in Njegusi followed by a traditional lunch. Kayak in Kotor for the afternoon or spend the time lounging on a speedboat in the Bay of Kotor.

Day 3: Spend the morning at your organized meetings, workshops, or seminars; and the afternoon on a catamaran on Skadar Lake.